About TeamDev Projects

TeamDev Projects is a web and mobile project management application designed to simplify project planning and team collaboration. The application helps you to stay organized, keep your projects on track and get things done.

With TeamDev Projects you will be able to:

  • easily create, assign, and comment on tasks
  • change task priorities and set due dates
  • stay updated by getting email notifications about changes and comments
  • increase your productivity by focusing on one task at the time
  • create accountability by assigning one person per task
  • access history of the task and easily find all related files and communications
  • watch what tasks are getting done and who is working on them
  • view task lists of your teammates, so you can eliminate unnecessary status meetings
  • store  and organize tasks for multiple projects within one application
  • log time spent on tasks and create reports
  • use search and filtering tools to find necessary information quickly

For your convenience, TeamDev Projects is integrated with Google Apps and works in your browser, iPhone, and Android.