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1.0.11 — Converting Emails to Tasks, Improved Search, Logging Work Improvements

posted Apr 17, 2014, 10:25 AM by Alexander Yevsyukov
  • Sending messages to Inbox email address for a project or area will create tasks in Inbox list. See project/area details dialog for the Inbox email address. For Google Groups – all new threads will be treated as new tasks and all replies will go as comments for a corresponding task.
  • We rebuilding searching functionality from scratch, making it easier to find tasks you are looking for. Try operators like owner:me, completed:today, to:"FirstName LastName", to:user@email.com, in:today along with text you’re searching. More to follow.
  • Added quick link for logging work to the task details panel next to logged work block.
  • Added a reminder to show how many hours you’ve already logged for today.