Easy beginning: plan your work

TeamDev Projects is a task management tool for small teams.
You need to be logged to your Google account, to work with the Projects.


Create projects to group your tasks:


You can also create Area of Responsibility to group tasks and sub-projects related to a sector of your work. An example is “Housekeeping” area with sub-projects like “New Audio System” and “Trees in the Garden”. Another example can be “Car” area which contains tasks like “Check pressure in tires” and “Mount a child seat”. Please see User's Guide for more details about Areas and their differences from Projects.


Each project and area has Lists, that help you organize tasks. Tasks assigned to you are also displayed in your own lists.


Here is an example of creating a task for today for the new project:


Drag-n-drop allows you to put high-priority tasks to the beginning or to move tasks between lists.


Collaborate with your team members by sharing projects and areas with them. All members will be able to create tasks and assign them to each other.

Adding People

Add team members to People section to see their Lists and tasks.

Looking for more details? See User's Guide section on this site.