Projects and Areas

A task in the Projects always belongs to either a project or an area of responsibility.

Projects are collaborative enterprises, created in order to achieve particular aims. Projects group tasks and people required to achieve that aim, and usually considered finite. Examples of projects can be: “New Car Engine”, “Great Food Store”, and “Move Staff to New Office”.

Areas of Responsibility are more general and abstract. They are designed to group projects and tasks with activities related to a certain sector of work. They usually don't have a definite work product, neither they have start and finish. Examples of Areas of Responsibility are “Recruitment”, “Sales and Marketing”, “Finance”, etc.

Projects and Areas are managed almost exactly the same way, so the descriptions below concern both of them.
Projects and Areas can be created, edited, and deleted.
All projects and Areas have Lists of tasks. There is Completed list, that is displayed only on Project/Area level, not on personal level—it stores all completed tasks for a project or an area.

In addition, for editing and deleting, Project and Area menus allow you to do the following:

  • Open a Tags management panel. Tags in the application are grouped by Projects/Areas.
  • Share a project or an area with other people. Sharing is required to assign tasks to other people.
  • Generate a Work Report that calculates total hours for project/area tasks.
  • Create Projects for an Area (available in the Area menu only).
  • Configure Settings.
  • Pass the ownership. See Project/Area Permissions section for more details.