Projects and Area Permissions

Roles and Permissions

There are two roles in the Projects application:

  • Project/Area owner—a person, who created a Project or an Area, or who has received an ownership from previous owner (see Passing Ownership below).
  • Project/Area member—a person, whom a Project or an Area were shared to (personally, or as a part of mailing group—see Sharing section for details).

Here is the comparison of permissions for each role:

Member Owner
See all Project or Area task lists and tasks
Manage Project/Area tasks
Creating new Projects and Areas
Edit existing Projects and Areas details
Manage Tags
Share Projects and Areas

Generate Work Report

Configure Settings
Pass Ownership

Delete Projects and Areas

Passing an Ownership

The owner of Project or Area can pass his/her ownership to another person. This can be done by selecting the following menu item.

Any Project or Area can have only one owner at a time. It is not possible to pass ownership to a mailing group.

Please note, that after ownership is passed, previous owner will not be considered as owner any more. This operation cannot be undone by previous owner, and the only way to get ownership back is to make a new owner to pass it back.