Sharing Projects and Areas

Sharing your Projects and Areas with team members allows them to do the following:

  • See project/area and its task lists in the left panel
  • See all project/area tasks
  • Manage all project/area tasks—create, edit, cancel, delete, tag, comment, etc.
  • Become task assignee

To add team members select Share in Project or Area menu and see sharing panel displayed. It allows you to add people by email:

You can share your project or area not only with individual people, but with groups at once—just type Google mailing Group email.

The same dialog allows you to remove people and mailing groups from a Project or an Area. Please note, that it is not possible to remove a single person from the mailing group—only the whole group can be removed.

All tasks assigned to the removed person  will be still displayed as assigned to the person. However, the removed user himself will not be able to see tasks content.