Top search field allows you to search for tasks.

The Projects supports advanced Google-style search with keywords.

For example, to search for all tasks with names containing “fix’’ text, type
name: fix

To search for tasks in Today lists of different projects, type
list: Today

Such search can be performed for all the lists: Inbox, Today, Next, Scheduled, Someday and Completed.

There is a special way to find tasks from Scheduled list by their schedule date:
scheduledOn: <yyyy-mm-dd>, for example “scheduledOn: 2012-10-21’’

All tasks assigned to a particular person can be found in the following way:

To find all tasks that are not assigned to anybody use the following syntax:
not assigned

Tasks that have assignee can be found by typing:

To search through task notes, type:
notes: text to find

Tasks in the application can be in four different states: Open, Completed, Canceled, and Deleted. Appropriate keyword allows you to find tasks of a certain type:
is: Completed

To find all tasks created on a certain date, use the following expression:
added: <yyyy-mm-dd>, for example, “added: 2012-10-21’’

This keyword also supports comparison logic: =, <, >, <=, >=. For example,
added <= 2012-10-14 will find all tasks created before 14th of October inclusively.

“Estimate” and “logged” keywords provide options to search for tasks with a certain estimated and logged time. Both keywords operate with number of minutes and support comparison logic: =, <, >, <=, >=.

For example, to find tasks estimated for 2 hours type:
estimate = 120

To find tasks estimated in less than 8 hours, that actually took more than 8 hours, type:
estimate =< 480 logged >=480