Tags allow you to organize your tasks and index them quickly. The Projects supports hierarchical tags, which means that you can group tasks using multiple classifications. For example, if you would like to organize your tasks by business priority and by complexity, tags list should be the following: Priority/High, Priority/Medium, Priority/Low, Complexity/Complex, Complexity/Medium, Complexity/Easy. Hierarchy can have any number of levels.

Any number of tags can be applied to a single task simultaneously.

Tags are project/area specific, so different projects or areas have different sets of tags. At the same time it is possible to create identically named tags in different projects and areas.

Applied tags are displayed for tasks in task lists (see Tasks Details in Task Lists). Click on a tag acts as a filter, displaying all tasks from a project or an area, marked with the same tag.

There are different ways to manage tags and apply them to tasks:

Basic tags assignment available in Create Task and Edit Task panels, Details panel and Logging Work panel.
Tag button in the top menu enables search through tags and bulk assignment of tags.
Tags management section situated in Project and Area menus allows to manage existing tags. Assigning tags to tasks is not possible from this section.