Tags Management

Tags Management section allows you to add, edit and remove tags and to modify tags hierarchy for a certain Project or Area.

There are two ways to open the section:

1. Choose “Edit tags” item in Project/Area menu:

2. Select “Manage Tags” option in Tag Button in the Top Menu:

The Management panel displays hierarchical list of tags with command buttons displayed on mouse roll-over.

Red Add Tag button in the bottom of the panel allows you to add 1st-level tag.

+’’ button in tag roll-over menu creates a child tag.

Move button allows to select new parent tag for a current tag.

All children of the tag you are going to move will be also moved and will keep their hierarchy:

Rename button gives an option to change tag's title. This can also be done by a double-click on tag’s title.

Delete button removes a selected tag and all its children.