Task Lists

Tasks lists organize tasks by the day when they should be done.
The same lists are displayed for Areas, Projects and People. Tasks assigned to you in different Projects and Areas are also displayed in you personal task lists:

The common lists are:

  • Inbox—contains unsorted tasks, that haven't been placed to other lists yet.
  • Today—displays tasks for the current day.
  • Next—contains tasks that should be done after Today's tasks.
  • Scheduled—is designed for the tasks, that should be done at exact dates.
  • Someday—contains tasks that are not required to be done today or in the nearest future.

Each list has a number of open tasks displayed next to the list title.
Projects and Areas have an additional Completed lists, that display all tasks that are already done in a Project or an Area. This list does not have tasks counter displayed.
Tasks in the task list have some useful details displayed.
When a task list is selected, predefined filters are displayed on the right panel.

Each list has a total number of tasks displayed in the top right corner.