Tasks Details in Task Lists

Tasks can be displayed in the list in three different ways:
  • Tasks with white background are open and available for any editing.
  • Completed tasks are displayed with gray background.
  • Canceled tasks have gray background and are stricken-out.

Each task in the list has the following data displayed:

1. Selection mark—you can select or deselect tasks with it. There is a selection filter available above the list:

See Tasks Bulk Operations for more details regarding operations on a number of tasks.

2. Task title.
3. Task note icon (visible when notes field is not empty).
4. Task attachment icon is displayed if any attachment is available.
5. Task comments icon shows that there are comments on appropriate tab.
6. If task due date is defined, it is displayed in the right part of the task entry.
7. Task assignee or Project/Area—if Project or Area task list is selected, then current task assignee is displayed.
If a personal task list is selected (for the current user or for other person), then obviously all tasks are assigned to a person, therefore task's Project or Area is displayed instead of assignee.
8. For tasks from Today list assigned to the current user there is a start/stop button displayed that allows you to mark the task you are currently working on.
For other users your avatar is displayed on the task, that is in progress:

9. Task estimate is represented by a number of circles. Their quantity corresponds to a number of estimated hours.
10. Task tags are displayed, if applied. Click on a tag acts as a filter and all tasks with the same tag from a project or area will be displayed.