Logging Work


Work is logged by tasks. So first you need to create or have a task assigned to you in a project or an area. The task name must reflect what you plan to work on. See how to create and manage tasks, areas, and projects.

Log Work Via

The Clock Button

Select a task.
Click on a clock button in the top menu to log work time.

The Log Work Link

Log work using the Log Work link next to the LOGGED menu on the right-hand panel.

Filling Fields

  • Time to Log — time spent in one of the following formats:
                a.    integer value for the number of hours. Example: 4;
                b.   floating point value, this will also stand for the number of hours. Example: 4.5, 4.25;
                c.    integer value followed by h letter, this will stand for the number of hours spent. Example: 4h, 2.5h;
                d.   integer value followed by m letter, this will stand for the number of minutes spent. Example: 30m, 12m;
                e.   values described in c and d combined, hours first. Example: 4h 15m.
  • Notes — any valuable information regarding the specific time period.
  • Tags — fill as applicable.  

See Already Logged Time

Time Logged on a Task

Use LOGGED Field

Total time logged on a specific task is displayed as LOGGED time, on the right-hand panel.
When clicking on the hours, a pop-up with logged time records will be displayed.

Use Log Work Dialog

Open the Log Work dialog.
Click “Already Logged” link in the bottom of the pop-up. 
Time records stored for this task will be displayed.

See Time Logged During a Day

The amount of time logged during the day is shown in the top right-hand corner of your browser window, next to your name.

Fix Errors

Deleting a Work Entry

On the list of Logged Work  click on the “x” on the right of the time entry you would like to delete .