Task Details

Task details panel is displayed after a task is selected in a list. This panel also has links to Comments and Recent Activity sections.

The panel contains the following fields, most of which support in-place editing:

  1. Task Title is a required field.
  2. Notes is a multi-row text area.
  3. Attachments can be added, viewed and removed from the details panel. It is possible to upload file from user's computer, attach image or file by direct link (URL) or attach Google docs from user's account.
  4. Tags field allows you to enter existing or new tags.
  5. Owner field displays the user, who has created a task. This field is not editable.
  6. Assignee—task can be assigned only to members of tasks' project or area (see Sharing Projects and Areas section). Special “me” value is supported. Besides details panel it is possible to perform a bulk task assignment, using a special item in “More” located in the top menu (see Tasks Bulk Operations).
  7. Due by date can be selected form calendar or entered manually in “dd mmm, yyyy” format, for example 9 Nov, 2012.
  8. Estimate field supports the following format: 1h 23m. Task estimate is displayed in a task list as a number of circles under a task name.
  9. Logged time field displays amount of reported hours (see Logging Work section). This field is not editable from task details panel.
  10. Watchers section allows you to subscribe to or un-subscribe from receiving an email with task updates and comments. Other users who watch the task are also displayed here. Besides details panel it is possible to change watch policy for a number of tasks at once using a special item in “More” top menu (see Tasks Bulk Operations).

In addition to in-place editing, tasks can also be modified using Edit Panel. Some actions can also be performed to a number of tasks at once—see Tasks Bulk Operations.