Tasks Bulk Operations

It is possible to apply some operations to a number of tasks at once.
You can select several tasks one by one by marking checkboxes, or use selection filter:

You can move several tasks to another list by simple drag-n-dropping them.
Multiple tasks can be tagged using a standard tag button in the top menu.
Most of other bulk operations are available in the “More” menu:

1. Assigning—it is possible to re-assign tasks from the same Project or Area only. They be assigned only to members of the selected project/area (see Sharing Projects and Areas section). Special “me” value is supported.

2. Cancellation—please note, that task cancellation is not the same operation as task deletion.
3. Moving tasks to a certain list in a certain Project or Area.

4. Watch/Unwatch. If you are not in Watchers list of at least one of the selected tasks, then Watch button will be displayed. If you already Watch all tasks, then Unwatch button will be displayed.
If you select deleted tasks in Trash section, it is possible to perform bulk restore operation using a special button:

All other actions, including deletion and completion, cannot be applied for a number of tasks at once.